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‘O wai ‘o ‘Ewalu Club?
“Who is ‘Ewalu Club?”

Located at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the ‘Ewalu Club is more than just another Hawai’i club.


We are a student organization created to spread and perpetuate the aloha spirit and Polynesian culture within the Las Vegas community.


With our motto, 'Ewalu Mana'o Ho'okahi Wahi E Hele Aku, which translates to “Eight Perspectives, One Destination”, we invite students from every Pacific island while also extending a warm welcome to students from any background. Through our community service activities, fundraisers, socials, and other events, we intend to share our traditions and way of life with the intention of building strong relationships between the Polynesian student population and the local community.


ʻŌlelo Nuʻukia
“Vision statement”

Our vision is to educate and spread the Polynesian culture through aspects like dance and traditions to the university and the greater Las Vegas community.

ʻŌlelo Ala Nuʻukia
“Mission statement”

Our mission is to create a space where students attending the university can learn about our culture, while also creating lasting friendships.

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