UNLV Hawai'i New Student Orientation Video

The next step is college... are you ready? Do not worry we here at UNLV and the 'Ewalu Club (UNLV Hawai'i Club) strive to make your transition to college a less daunting and more enjoyable transition! Directed, filmed, and edited by the 'Ewalu Club's own Creative Director Reyn Kaneshiro '22

Director's Note:

In this film I wanted to share the emotion and experiences that I've felt in my transition from high school to college. The most important thing I recommend when coming to college is to keep a clear head, be open, and join clubs because all of these will contribute to finding lifelong friendships and connections. It is alright to be afraid, eventually you'll learn the ropes and ease in to the new life style. 

Labor Day Lu'au at Wet'n'Wild Las Vegas

One of our very first events was on Labor Day and we were given an amazing opportunity from a 9th island community member, Aunty Liza! She had us perform at Wet'n'Wild Las Vegas' Labor Day Lu'au. Everyone who volunteered and danced were able to have fun at the Wet'n'Wild park after a long day of performing hula and Tahitian dances!

Welcome Back from Summer 2019 Rebels!

If you saw the New Student Orientation video and decided to join the 'Ewalu Club, you now find yourself at our first general meeting with over a 100+ new members! We here at the 'Ewalu Club want to welcome new club members as well as welcome back current members to the 2019-2020 UNLV school year!

Back to School BBQ

Our most recent social event was our Back to School BBQ where new and old members were able to engage together and in fun games like gimme gimme, a big bomb challenge, and a cheehoo contest! Our event was held in the beautiful Echo 1055 recreation area.